Immiline ceases operations in Russia, and opens operations in Czech Republic

Areas of expertise

Legal services
We proud to have experienced lawyers in all fields of law at your service. You can have all your legal questions answered via e-consultation on Skype or via email. We can provide legal services in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and China. We can also assist you via our partnering law firms in the USA, Australia, UK, Uruguay, Canada, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Cyprus and Lithuania
Yes, it happens. But then your business castle is to be protected by “dark knight” lawyers’ squad. “Lawyer-wolves” will snatch your victory out of enemies’ hands. Top-notch professionals will stand 24-hours shifts to protect your business, or its part, or you and your dear people. Emergency “bull-shark” criminal lawyer arrival is available. You may always want to send cavalry to take over someone else’s castle to collect your assets.
Commercial arbitration
Different jurisdictions require different approach, and some countries provide private procedures rules for commercial arbitration, some allow only use of commercial courts with complicated commercial arbitration litigation procedure. There is always a creditor and a debtor, plaintiff and defendant, different circumstances and reasons, but only one truth to be uncovered. Professionalism, experience and wisdom help us to stand for your rights.
Drawing the finest itemized contracts and other documents for your business and personal needs. Refer to our “Swiss watchmakers” lawyers, and enjoy the purity of understandable legal language tailored just for your particular cause.
Intellectual property and patents
Entering foreign market requires protection of copyright and patenting of useful models. Having that done you can protect your interests much stronger, especially on risky markets such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Process of getting your intellectual property registered, trademarked, patented is complicated enough to have professionals do it. Our intellectual property experts can help you register your inventions and copyright in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.
Liabilities in certain amounts over certain period of time accompanied by properly filed lawsuit can be a ground to start bankruptcy process against a promisor. Bankruptcy may also become a legal shield against debt collectors and growth of debt. Correct management of debtor’s assets and litigation process during bankruptcy brings positive results in companies’ recovery or debts’ collection.
Marriage and family
Getting fiancé and spouse visa to the USA, registering marriage, consultations and legal support on adoptions and surrogacy, receiving birth certificate and travel documents for your children in a foreign country, getting divorce, looking for abducted by your ex child, receiving inheritance, registering death and repatriating someone’s body can always be a bit too hard to handle on your own in a foreign country. Humanitarian counselors make this load lighter for you in no time.
International community always needs all sorts of translation and interpretation services in order to normally function in a foreign environment. Our experienced translators are providing translation and interpretation services for all occasions.
System of notaries differs in countries, but plays important role in proving identity of signing person, real estate validity and existence of encumbrances, proving original copies, notarizing real estate sale and purchase agreements (grant deeds), and more. Usually notaries are working in their offices, but can also come to clients’ location at your request.
In order for legal documents to be valid outside of issuing country they have to be apostilled. It is issued by the ministry of justice, ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of education. Apostil is issued to a notarized copy of an original document. Allow about one week for apostil in normal timeframe and 2-3 days for urgent matters.
Commodities trends
Ukraine is a wheat basket of Europe. There are wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, barley, rye, hops and many more grown here. It is important to have proper information on current prices, availability and surplus in Ukrainian regions for commodities you are interested in. You can order commodities prices’ trends reports with us. We can help you to find a reliable farmer or agricultural firm to buy wheat, corn or any other commodities from in Ukraine.
Real estate
While buying real estate there are many details to be taken care of in order to make a good legitimate purchase for pleasure or business. Our experts will check your real estate for existence of encumbrances such as minor children, mortgages, collaterals, ownership and technical documentation conformity, will help you to find right notary, security for cash transfer, advise you a trustworthy bank with biggest amount of branches around to simplify your real estate deal.
Trust management
Business or real estate, commercial or private, yacht or expensive car, all require equally adequate treatment. Only the most trustworthy, honest and most professional people are allowed to run your assets for your complete satisfaction. All procedures are done timely and with top quality.
Appraisal of assets
Rare real estate transaction can go without proper appraisal which takes licensed professional and time. Having a proper translation of appraisal during the process as well as good communication with the licensed professional will help you to be on top of your correct assets’ evaluation, be it real estate, business or vehicle. Our experts can estimate amount of loss for your litigation needs.
People move, and sometimes it goes well. Whether you need permanent residency of Ukraine or USA, Russia or China, Moldova or Uruguay, Australia or Great Britain, you always need a good advice of those who are serious about immigration and made it excel in their profession. Immigration lawyers worldwide are working for your peace of mind in order to keep tons of legal details of immigration in perfect shape for you.
Incorporation of a company is a comparatively easy process with hard consequences if done wrong. Thousands trivia in charter texts, different forms of property and capital sizes, shareholders’ obligations and rights, correct taxation schemes and tax and social services’ reporting, employment and licensing, health and safety requirements, are to be foreseen by our “bookworms” lawyers.
Due diligence
Chinese companies are popular worldwide now. Ukrainian and Russian, Kazakh and Moldovan companies are going through financial crisis. Markets are being re-shaped. Staying afloat can save life, life of your company and many others, by simple precaution, your partner due diligence. Find out about your business partner before he did so about you.
Criminal records
Gone too far? Afraid of someone or something? Do not wait, check him out. Confidential service for VIP clients. We’ll check personal records of a few registries for you.
Everyone needs safety and health, peace of mind and freedom of actions. Sometimes circumstances are above you, and you need help of men in black who will risk their lives for you and your loved ones. Stone-cold professionals winning all battles will cover you when you need. VIP cargo escort and private investigations are available.
Protection of investments is the best way to ensure timely and full scale return on your investments. Registering foreign investments with the local government provides you with guarantee that your investments stay where you put them, and that you will be able repatriate your capital when you want it. In addition to all you will be allowed to take your profit back to your home country and pay profit tax there. Follow-up and monitoring of investments as well as project management are offered as a package.
Business traveling requires good scheduling and timely flights. Good hotels and nice cab drivers are a must. Take your notebook with you, or 4 suitcases of products’ samples, you always need help while traveling. Professional approach to your traveling needs on business and leisure.
Marketing and sociological research
Putting new product on market or searching for existing product that meets narrow criteria? Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and China demand careful treatment. Peculiar details in tiny things that you would not notice normally may cost you business. Working with professionals living “on the ground” provides additional solid certainty in their judgment on marketing new products in different areas, food and beverage, sports cars spares, construction technology and know-how, solar and wind energy, electric cars to name a few.
International trade
Initial entering any country’s market in order to buy something or to sell something brings high level of risks of non-payment or non-delivery. Including in the scheme a trustworthy intermediary can often save money, time, goods and good relations, and is a great way to start trade faster. Our international trade experts together with our bankers and financial experts will open escrow accounts for your transactions, check the quality of the goods, help with customs formalities and size of customs duty determination in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, USA. We can also make a due diligence check of your intended partner there.
Hiring a few office workers is simple. Try hiring a few hundreds, or thousands, or at least dozens. It takes time, painstaking, immense patience, good temper, dedication, knowledge of profession and market, and a few assigned recruiters for some long time. Fast failed workers are to be substituted for free to provide guarantee for recruiting services.
Tax optimization
Different countries offer different tax legislation. International business activities involve complicated financial schemes together with long-term obligations and delayed profit receiving and tax collection, which comes unexpectedly. Our tax experts will work with your accountants to work out perfectly legal tax optimization procedures.
Corporate finance
Help planning financial transactions and other activities, taxes, salaries, social funds fees, environment protection levies, import and customs duties, real estate and personal tax, using of private entrepreneurs, adding book-keeping and accounting, audit and reporting to government authorities, safe, reliable and quick banking make a perfect financial cocktail for your strict business taste.
Mergers and acquisitions
Business is trade, and trade is always a business. You can also trade business. Merging with one company, acquiring another, changing hands of corporate thrones requires precise mechanisms of Swiss watch and reliability of Soyuz rockets. “Rocket science” lawyers will work out the best ways of getting what you want and protect it until you are ready to sell it yet again.
Project management
Project management professionals firmly entered business environment of construction and IT companies recently. Duties of project manager can be combined with any profession, and experienced project manager can work in different areas by demand. Managing scope of project, resources, time, availability and safety reveals magic of getting things done on time with just planned quality and expenses saving you well above project management cost.
  Internet based applications and software
If your company is swamped in paperwork, in order to become more productive and increase your throughput capacity you need customer relationship management solution. Modern world works in electronic format documents, even doctors and medical facilities now use computers and iPads more than paper. Stores, online shops, workshops all need software to manage multiple clients’ data with backups on safe servers. We can offer cheap and effective solutions from an international team of web programmers.
Green technology
Having access to international markets and the most modern technology allows us to offer consulting services and project management in the area of renewable and clean energy, safe farming. Electric cars, wind turbines, solar panels, invertors, green tariff in Ukraine and European Union can be discussed and found use practically in the system of your enterprise in order to save on your expenses and create green eco company or village.